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Birthdate:Jun 21
NOTE: I am a straight male1 who is 24 years of age. This is my one of my primary sexual outlets, and to watch naughtier communities I wouldn't want to be caught with on my primary friendslist. My birthday is visible to registered users. Which means you need to be logged in to see it. It does not matter if I've friended you or not.

It's also for darker desires that only a few of my normal friends actually know about. They do not, however, know of this journal.

I prefer to be contacted on Yahoo, but I've AIM as well. I also have an MSN account.

Disclaimer: Obviously, this journal is for the 18 and over set, sexually explicit posts here will be the norm, with the occasional non-sexual one.

1. Note: I am physically male, but my mental gender is sort of fluid, goes back and forth with the day, and is as complicated and as much of a pain in the ass as it sounds, sometimes.

Interests (68):

affection, affectionate contact, affectionate touching, against-the-goddamn-wall, biting, blowjobs, boobs, breasts, complicated sexuality, costumes, creative masturbation, cuddle-tangles, cuddling, cunts, cyber sex, cybersex, discovery, displays of affection, doggy style, erotica, exploration, feeling, fluid sexuality, foreplay, friends, gender, hentai, legs, lesbians, masturbation, missionary, nibbling, nuzzling, oral sex, orgasms, people, physical contact, porn, pornography, pulling hair, pussy, rain, raking nails, riding cowgirl, rough sex, sandals, science fiction, sensuality, sex, sex stories, sex toys, sexual energy, sexual touching, sexuality, sexy sandals, storms, stream of mind, succubi, succubus, teasing, tentacles, touching, voyeurism, watching, webcams, women, women's legs, writing
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